52 Timelapse Project – Showcase

Here’s a list of my all 52 Timelapse Project shots. Every shot has an article, that explains how I do that. It’s a unique collection of excelent timelapse and hyperlapse knowlegde, collected thorugh the whole 2017 year. You can find here really different aspect of timelapse. Explore, learn, get inspired! Don’t forget to share your timelapses on my Facebook group: http://facebook.com/groups/timelapse.hyperlapse

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  1. DroneLapse [1 of 52] – Hyperlapse with a drone? Check out my mini tutorial in the article and learn, how to do it, so it works every time.
  2. Candles – Motion Controlled Timelapse [2 of 52] – motion control shot with an Alexmos based gimbal – the first version using scripts.
  3. Dolly-Zoom Green Tunnel [3 of 52] – quite difficult but very spectacular technique introduced by Alfred Hitchcock in his Vertigo movie.
  4. Ski Lift Timelapse [4 of 52] – something good for a winter, but you can use it any time you want.
  5. Crystal Ball Timelapse [5 of 52] – experimental dolly-zoom timelapse on a slider.
  6. Handheld Hyperlapse across 1km walk [6th of 52] – handheld hyperlapse shot with a gimbal. Full tutorial linked in the article!
  7. Gimbal on a Slider – Motion Control Holy Grail [7th of 52] – using available gear to achieve 3 axis motion control shot. That shot combines a three axis gimbal in timelapse mode and a motorized slider.
  8. Ice Hearts Timelapse [8th of 52] – melting of the ice is always interesting timelapse subject 🙂
  9. Sunset Smooth Zoom Transition [9 of 52] – one of my seamless zoom transitions used in flow motion timelapse videos explained in depth here.
  10. Macro Sugar Melting Timelapse [10 of 52] – macro photography timelapse? Why not!
  11. Night Traffic – GH4 2fps 4k [11 of 52] – for all GH4 users – how to shoot 2 fps video in 4K.
  12. Car Timelapse with a Slider [12 of 52] – motion control drivelapse is always quite challenging. Here you find a tutorial!
  13. Aerial Timelapse II [13 of 52] – another try of drone timelapse with some tips.
  14. Spring Time! [14th of 52] – It’s spring already, the last snow is melting. Here’s how to build your compositions and timelapse melting snow.
  15. Straight Road Hyperlapse [15th of 52] – That’s a long hyperlapse. Straight forward hyperlapses are usually the hardest ones. In the article you’ll find some tips how I shot this hyperlapse on the longest trading street in Europe, Piotrkowska in Łódź.
  16. Hyper-walk [16th of 52] – handheld gimbal hyperlapse with my wife walking in front of me. It always gives interesting results. Be sure to check out the clouds in this shot!
  17. Handheld Hyperlapse II [17th of 52] – this time a classic handheld hyperlapse. No gimbal, no tripod. Just me and a camera.
  18. Motion Control Over The River Shot [18th of 52] – very nice three axis motion control shot I pull off putting my gear into a river. Again – slider shot with gimbal mounted. Good example of using the gear that you own in 100%.
  19. Day to Night – Holy Grail Technique [19th of 52] – mini tutorial on how to shoot a day to night or night to day transitions with timelapse. That’s a must for every timelapser.
  20. Rack Focus Dwarf Timelapse [20th of 52] – another experimental timelapse shot. Want to learn how to add convincing fake movement into your shots? Or change the focus plane during the timelapse shot? Everything is in this one article.
  21. Long-Term Hyperlapse – Tulips [21st of 52] – this took me a few weeks to shoot. Make sure to watch the tulips closely.
  22. Motion Control Day to Night [22nd of 52] – another gimbal experimental shot. Motion control timelapse shot used to combine day and night in a very different way.
  23. Bike Timelapse [23rd of 52] – different try of a drivelapse-kind shot, but on a bike. Mysetup looks ridiculous, but it works!
  24. Shadows Timelapse [24th of 52] – I didn’t take my tripod with me, but I was still able to make a two axis motion control timelapse shot.
  25. Fake Dolly Zoom Hyperlapse [25th of 52] – you too love vertigo shots? Learn how to fake it in post with a hyperlapse.
  26. Following the boat [26th of 52] – I don’t know why, but I really enjoy shooting boats. Here’s quite advanced timelapse shot of one in great scenery.
  27. Seaside Sunset [27th of 52] – I live in mountains, so every time I am at the seaside I have to shoot a sunrise or a sunset there. Here’s one explaining how I used gradual ND filter.
  28. Snail! [28th of 52] – snails are great subject for timelapse. Maybe not for everyone, but for sure shooting snails makes me happy 🙂
  29. Fountain Hyperlapse [29th of 52] – how to create interesting hyperlapse shot if there’s no people or cars at all.
  30. Sunset Closeup [30th of 52] – some tips on shooting a timelapse of a sun with a telephoto lens.
  31. Motion Control Shot with BTS [31st of 52] – interesting one from my workshops. Be sure to check out the guy with a camera in the second row! 😉
  32. Motion Control at Night [32nd of 52] – simple, motion control shot at night
  33. Flowing Timelapse [33rd of 52] – to do this I’ve connected three different shots – a drone timelapse, regular static timelapse and a video shot.
  34. Vertigo Hyperlapse [34th of 52] – quite epic dolly zoom hyperlapse shot from 200mm to 10mm lens. It also starts with a 200mm straight forward hyperlapse, which is interesting one 🙂
  35. Pretty Long Hyperlapse [35th of 52] – long, complicated hyperlapse with changing the fixed/reference point.
  36. Mirror Drivelapse [36th of 52] – Another, different way of shooting a car timelapse. Good inspiraion for travel videos.
  37. Sunrise Hyperlapse [37th of 52] – Hyperlapse with a rising sun from Greece.
  38. Hyperlapse from a Boat [38th of 52] – It seems I’m not only enjoying shooting boats, but also shooting from a boat. Handheld hyperlapse from a ferry to Zakynthos. Based on this shot I made a hyperlapse stabilization tutorial, be sure to check it out.
  39. Hyperlapse Loop [39th of 52] – more advanced hyperlapse with a circle path, with stairs on my way. It can be loop to infinity.
  40. Poseidon Hyperlapse [40th of 52] – classic hyperlapse with some zoom in and out in post production.
  41. Hyperlapse Mastershot [41st of 52] – another long, advanced hyperlapse with different reference points.
  42. Day to Night Hyperlapse [42nd of 52] – I love this day to night hyperlapse. In the article there are a few words about how to plan this type of shot and of course how to pull it off.
  43. Behind The Scene Timelapse [43th of 52] – This one is interesting. Three axis motion control shot with a Syrp gear hanging out above my head.
  44. Motion Control Car Timelapse [44th of 52] – This time 3 axis motion control drivelapse shot.
  45. Multi-keyframe Motion Control Shot [45th of 52] – Some motion control equipement lets you create more than a simple A to B path. I love to experiment with more keyframes in the path.
  46. Vertical Motion Control Timelapse [46th of 52] – vertical motion control timelapses are always quite challenging. Here’s how to shot vertical with Syrp Genie kit.
  47. Abstract Hyperlapse [47th of 52] – Very abstract shot, that’s not possible to shoot other way than hyperlapse. It was inspired by the first every hyperlapse video, which I also linked in the article.
  48. Manual Motion Control Timelapse [48th of 52] – sometimes, you don’t need an expensive gear to create motion controled timelapse shots. You just need patience 😉
  49. Christmas Tree Day to Night Hyperlapse [49th of 52] – Day to night hyperlapse are always awesome to watch (and create!). Check out my another try of this technique.
  50. Handheld Gimbal Hyperlapse Follow [50th of 52] – More complex handheld gimbal hyperlapse. Pretty easy to do with great effect. Be sure to check the tutorial!
  51. Advanced Motion Timelapse with a Gimbal [51st of 52] – multi-keyframe movement for nice 2 sec exposure timelapse shot using a Moza AirCross gimbal
  52. Fifty second shot! [52nd of 52] – Here’s a first hyperlapse, where I’m on the other side of the camera! 🙂