This week I’ve got something unusual for you. Inspired by video “Pacer” by Guy Roland I created this ‘abstract hyperlapse’. “Pacer’ is called a first ever hyperlapse video, and it was shot with an analog camera in 1995. Pretty amazing stuff! Below you can find my shot, Pacer video and some explanation from me.

In cityscape there are tons of repeatable objects. If you find the right spot you can create a  really interesting hyperlapse (or maybe it’s more like a stop motion video?). For my shot I used a tripod and a gimbal mounted on it. Of course the gimbal isn’t necessary, but I know well that spot I was hyperlapsin’ (for example from this shot: Long-Term Hyperlapse – Tulips [21st of 52 Timelapse Project]) and I know it’s hard to stabilize with just a tripod 😉 There is quite uneven ground around the fountain.

Of course it’s easier, when the objects you shoot aren’t placed in a circle. In this shot I had to be quite precise – not only to keep the black, metal barrier in the same place of the frame, but also the middle of the fountain. If I wasn’t positioning also the fountain, it would jump from left to right the whole shot, which would look bad (it still jumps, but not that much ;)). It would be easier with a subject positioned in a line, not a circle.  To keep the same distance from the object I spread the tripod legs to touch the curb around the fountain.

Of course be sure to check out the Pacer above. Some shots really blow my mind, especially that it’s from 1995 (when I was 4 years old :D). If you like this shot you can follow my blog by clicking the little red bell in the bottom left corner. Maybe you’ve already tried such shots? Share them on my Facebook group!


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