Here it is! The last shot in 2017 🙂 Also, the last shot of the 52 Timelapse Project! I feel so good to finish it, without any cheating, skipping, just as planned. It was a very nice time with you guys. But enough about project – there will be a summary post very soon on my blog. Stay tuned! Now, I’ll tell you how I made this shot 🙂

First of all, this is a handheld hyperlapse shot of me. Probably there are a few questions in your head right now. First of all – if you’re not familiar with handheld hyperlapse with a gimbal, check out this tutorial: Handheld Hyperlapse with a Gimbal [VIDEO TUTORIAL]Secondly, if I’m in the frame, who made this shot? The answer is simple – my lovely wife 🙂 She’s not very experienced with gimbals, however with my guides she was able to make stable handheld hyperlapse. And, actually, she read all my posts and was on both workshops I hosted – maybe that’s the key :D. That’s something really impresive 🙂 I decided to give someone else the camera to make this last shot special 🙂

For this shot I used Sony A6300 with Sigma 10-20mm EF mount lens and Moza Aircross gimbal. Check out the overview of this gimbal here: Pan-Tilt Timelapse Head Replacement? Moza AirCross REVIEWI set the intervalometer using built in third party app in camera, and set it to 1 second. The shutter speed was 0.4″.

Gimbal was in pitch-follow mode. So the pan axis was locked, and the gimbal slowly follows the tilt movement. I set the speed to 1 in mobile app and dead angle to 5 degrees. This way we could ‘end’ this shot with a tilt-up movement.

Of course, this shot was reversed in post. While shooting, my wife was moving forward, I was walking backwards. We started with me holding the paper, then I crushed the paper and put in my pocket 😉 Simple idea, but it makes the shot interesting in my opinion 🙂

Honestly, it was our second try. In the first one I put too many information on the paper and it was impossible to read 😉

That’s it, 52 weeks – 52 shots 🙂 On the 1st January I will release the project reel video together with a post where I put my thoughts about this project and plans for 2018. See you in two days! 😉


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