Today I’d like to show you a small and affordable on-camera monitor FEELWORLD Master MA5. It’s more like an overall filmmaking topic than something timelapse related, however as I’m using this monitor for about a month or two now, I used it for a few timelapse shots and it was very helpful. I won’t be talking today about timelapse uses for such monitors, I’ll be covering that in other article.

A few words about the monitor

FEELWORLD Master is a new series of quite popular affordable on-camera monitors. Here are a few differences between the Master and the older series:

  • smaller response speed – they say it’s 10ms instead of 20ms in the older series. Practically I can say the delay is very short 😉
  • polarizing coating on the screen – that should help working in the bright sunlight
  • dual battery plate system – without any adapters you can use Sony NP or Canon LP batteries.


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Everything I want to tell about the monitor is shown in the video below 🙂 If you’re interested in this monitor, here’s the link for their official shop: FEELWORLD MASTER MA5.

As I said in the video, the monitor usually lays in my backpack as it’s very small and light and can be usefull in some shots. I hope you’ll enjoy this one. Very soon I’ll be posting Moza Air 2 review, so I suggest enabling notifications to get info right after I publish this post. For that click the little red bell in the bottom left corner.


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