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  1. What is the difference between blog post and Hyperlapse Academy?
    Hyperlapse Academy is a e-learning platform with online courses. Access to the courses requires payment. You can find here also my blog. All blog content is free of charge. There are also some tutorials in the blog content, which you can use to learn some of the skills required for a timelapser. If you want to learn step by step everything you need to be a Professional Hyperlapser from very well organised course choose Hyperlapse Academy.
  2. What is the form of the course?
    All the lessons in the course are in the form of video lessons with an English voiceover (and optional English + Polish subtitles).
  3. How to get access to everything on the Academy?
    To get lifetime access to everything on the platform simply buy the Hyperlapse Academy Lifetime Membership
  4. Can I try the course before buying?
    Yes, there is one lesson available for free. Get access by subscibing to my mailing list.
  5. What do I need to watch the course? 
    You need an internet connections and a web browser. Courses are available to stream at BeyondTheTime.net page. All the videos are hosted on Vimeo. Here are Vimeo requirements for video playback: Vimeo Requirements
  6. Can I download any content?
    In every payment options courses are only available to stream on the website. There is no possibility to download the videos. Only downloadable content are images & video files available in lesson resources as additional content to some of the lessons.
  7. What languages are available?
    Voiceover in the courses are in English. There are also optional English or Polish subtitles.


  1. How can I get access to the course?
    There are two options to get access. First one is to buy one or more courses as a seperate product. Prices are available on the course site. The second option is to buy a Hyperlapse Academy Lifetime Membership and get access to everything on the platform.
  2. What is the Lifetime Membership?
    Lifetime Membership is a one time payment option to get access to everything in the Academy. Instead of buying each course seperately you buy one product: Hyperlapse Academy Lifetime Membership and you get access to everything including all the future updates. This will let you save money and time.
  3. Do I get updates buying courses seperately?
    Yes, you get a lifetime access to the course you bought with all the updates released for this course.
  4. Can I share my account with someone else?
    Accounts can’t be shared or use by more than one user. If this rule will be broken, this may effect with a ban on that account.


  1. What are the payment options?
    We accept payments with PayPal and credit cards. Credit card payment option is also provided by PayPal.
  2. How can I get an invoice?
    Of course. During checkout you check the invoice box and get an invoice via email. If there would be any problems, contact me via Contact


  1. What is 10 days money back guarantee?
    I’m pretty sure you’ll like the courses so I’m offering a 10 days money back guarantee in case you won’t find it suitable for you.
  2. Do all products take part in the refund program?
    No, the refund program works only for Lifetime Membership.
  3. How do I get refund?
    Send an email request before the 10 days period from your purchase will expire explaining why you’d like to resign from the course. Send the request to info [at] tlvideo.pl. Refund is provided the same way as your payment method via PayPal.

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