Hi! My name is Tomasz Walczak, I’m owner of TL video company. My work focuses on combining video with timelapse, hyperlapse and stop-motion techniques.

On this blog I want to share my experience about shooting timelapse, hyperlapse and stop-motion videos, some traditional filmmaking and cool behind the scene stuff.

I want to create in-depth tutorials, that could really teach something both beginners and profesional photographers/videographers. I hate the fact, that almost every time I found an interesting looking tutorial on the internet it turns out it’s directed to absolute beginners, that have no idea on this topic. I believe that it’s possible to present any topic that can be valuable to people, who are familiar to it and in the same time understandable to beginners.

Here I won’t tell you how to shoot cinematic footage or great hyperlapses with you phone. Of course it’s possible, but the idea is to really understand the topic. It’s not important what you’re using to capture the timelapse, the rules would be the same. And I want to teach you that rules 😉

Visit Bielsko-Biała from TL video on Vimeo.