52 Timelapse Project – information

You probably have heard about photography projects, like 365 project, 52 etc. Basically, you take one photo every day, week etc, and post it online. Now, we’ve got 2017, so you know… “new year, new me!” (I was always laughing at people saying that :P).

Check out the list of the created shots

I think that it’s a good time to start something new. And here’s what I came up with: I will make one timelapse shot every week during the whole 2017. At the end of the year, I’ll make a video with all these shots. You probably think “one shot a week? that’s not much, he should do a 365 project!”. Well, of course, it’s possible to make one timelapse shot a day. I don’t want to make just any shot, like clouds through my window. I want this project to let me try different techniques, maybe develop some new ones. Make shots that I’ve always wanted to, but they didn’t fit any of my projects yet. If you’re not sure, what interesting could be in just one timelapse shot, check out my 2016 reel, there are some interesting shots:


TL video – SHOWREEL 2016 from TL video on Vimeo.

So, the basic assumptions of the project are simple:

  • one timelapse shot every week in 2017 posted on this blog and Beyond The Time Youtube channel
  • any technique related to timelapse
  • a video combining all of the shots at the end of the project
  • no cheating 🙂

Also, in every project post I’ll describe, how I achieved specific effect and give you some tips, so you can do it on your own and skip the mistakes I did 🙂 I hope you like that idea, for me it’s something I would love to follow, I’ll do one post a week with some knowledge, maybe new techniques etc. The whole year of learning timelapse stuff 😉

Why call it a project and write about it, instead of just doing it and publish the result? For the same reasons photographers do their projects – without all of that I probably wouldn’t do it. Just it. I did some test shots in 2016, but for sure I could do many more. So now, when you read that I want to do that, I can’t let you down! 🙂

Want to improve your timelapse skills? Join me if you dare 😉