As I’m a filmmaker who really likes travelling, comfortable charging my gear is very important to me in both private and professional life. Taking lots of stuff demands many chargers, and this means additional baggage. And for sure this is not what I want when travelling. Universal, well-built and multifunctional adapter is highly desired. Recently I had pleasure to test brand new adapter & charger from Zendure, Passport II Pro, and it looks like they have it covered.

Check out the adapter: 

First of all, this is an adapter for the wall socket. As almost every universal adapter, it has retractable plugs, which you can open and close, so you use only the one you need. I used to have problems with such adapters, but the one I’m describing looks pretty good, it seems to be well built and reliable. Zendure says it’s a patent pending mechanism, and well, I’m not very gentle with it and I haven’t broken it yet. On the other side we can find multiple sockets with baby-proof shield, so it’s safe to use it even if there are small kids around.

At the side, we have three USB-A and two USB-C sockets. This means, that simultaneously you can charge up to 6 devices. One of the ports at the side is a 61 watts USB-C port, designed for charging your laptop, so your main soket is still available. As I don’t have a USB-C charger for my laptop I don’t use it this way, but either way I really love it, because I can charge my Syrp equipment with it. Untill now, I always had to remember about the dedicated charger, as it doesn’t charge with any phone charger, even with quick charge capabilities. Now all I need is a cable and the Zendure adapter.

This adapter is equipped with 10 amps auto resetting fuse in case of overload to protect your gear. This means, that it will automatically bring power back if it had to cut it off for some reason, so your gear will still be charging and you don’t have to fully control it.

So, all in all, Zendure Passport II Pro looks like a professional adapter & charger with the most useful features. I really love the fact that I can use it for charging my Syrp gear and still can charge 5 more devices, so even when I travel inside my country it’s a very useful tool. I don’t need to remember about all the chargers for every piece of equipment I have, I only need to take some cables.


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