Getting a motorized slider is an important step for a timelapser or filmmaker. Fortunately, the times when sliders where horribly expensive have passed. These days we can find very good quality gear for a price, that most of us can afford.

Zeapon sent me their Micro 2 slider to check out. I’ve chosen the longest version, E800. It’s this type of the slider, that can travel longer, than it’s length. Edelkrone was the first one to invent such thing, now we can find similar solutions within various manufacturers. My version is about 70cm long and the camera can travel nearly 1 meter.


Zeapon was kind enough to give one of their Micro 2 slider to one of my viewers! To make this giveaway even better, I’m giving 2 Hyperlapse Academy Lifetime Memberships. So, there will be 3 lucky winners 🙂 What you’ve got to do to win? It’s super simple. Just go to my review of the Zeapon slider on Youtube and comment this video (here it is: ). It doesn’t matter what you’ll write there, every comment takes part in the drawing.

The deadlines are: comment the video until the end of 27th December. Then, on 29th December at 7pm CET I’ll randomly pick 3 winners on livestream on my FB Fanpage. Link to the fanpage:

Slider will be sent by Zeapon. There might be some import fees depending on the country.

Now, check out my review of the slider in the video below. Underneath the video I’ll put a few thoughts about the slider for those, who prefer written form.

What I like about this slider?

The built quality of this slider is on the highest level. I really enjoy using it. The base with Manfrotto plate is a great idea. This slider works not only horizontal, but also vertical. In my opinion this should be standard for any slider. Unfortunately it’s not, so it’s important to check it before you pay a lot of money for a motorized slider. I’ve bought once a motorized slider, which wasn’t able to work even diagonally, only horizontal. This was really disappointing.

The thing that I know is important for a lot of people is option to set up the movement without connecting it to the app, just using the built in buttons. You can even loop the movement, so there’s not many situations in video that you need to use the app. For timelapse of course you need to connect it to the app. I also like the fact that it can be powered either via USB-C port or Sony NP-F batteries. Those batteries are used also in smaller video lights, monitors etc, so I’ve got a lot of them already.

What I didn’t like about this slider?

There is no perfect gear and there’s always something that could be better or different, in any product. That’s why you should choose the gear that suits your needs. About this slider – I’m not a fan of their implementation of timelapse function in the app. It’s a little confusing for now. I hope they will change that in the future update.

The second thing I think could be implemented easily is an additional tripod mounts in the ends of the base. Yes, it has a support system to mount it on one slider, however I would like to have an option to use two sliders. That probably won’t be a problem in shorter versions of the slider, but for this one I have to use pretty strong tripod with legs spread wide to make it stable when I use the whole slider length.

The last thing I’ll put here is that they don’t have yet other motors to expand your motion control rig to 2 or 3 axis machine, however I talked to them and I know they are currently working on the pan motor. They don’t know yet when it will be ready. In the app we can find that they are planning there also tilt and focus motor. So, good that they have such plans, but the fact is that it’s not available for now.

Differences to other brand sliders

I’ve used differnt motorized sliders. Some of them were easier to use, some harder. Zeapon for sure is one of the easier ones to use. Earlier I wasn’t interested in those Edelkrone-like sliders, because the most recognized one – Edelkrone couldn’t work in other positions than horizontal. Now I think they’ve updated it, it’s not able to work vertical, but can be used diagonally. Zeapon has an advantage here.

Other thing that I didn’t like in such sliders was only one length option. For timelapse purpose I’ve chosen Syrp slider. You can check out my Syrp review here. The huge advantage of Syrp for me is that I can use modular sliders and change their length as I need. Here, there’s no such option, but thanks to that it’s quicker to setup and easier to use. I don’t put it as a disadvantage, as I don’t think it is one. It’s a difference, that you’ve got to have in mind when choosing the slider. Maybe you don’t need longer slider, for typical video it’s usually more than enough to have 100cm slide.

Thank you if you’ve read the whole article 🙂 Don’t forget to join the giveaway and get chance to get this slider for free! 🙂


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