Finally, after over a year of work, I’m starting my own e-learning platform focused on timelapse and hyperlapse together with detailed making of videos of my projects. In this article I want to explain what is the platform, what you can find there, but also what is the relation between blog and courses, and what’s probably most important for some people – if there will be still free content on the blog.

Answering the last question – don’t worry, I’ll be posting here free tutorials, articles, behind the scenes materials and all of the things, that are valuable to you 🙂

What is the e-learning platform?

Beyond The Time E-learning platform is a place, in which you can find really in-depth courses, that let you learn the technique from the beginnings. Different from the most of the blog content, courses are in a form of video lessons with my voiceover. It’s very condense knowledge – I cut all the chit-chat talk and give you only valuable information to save your time. In timelapse it’s always more important to gain experience and I’m trying to show you the right path.

So, why I call it e-learning platform instead of a course? First of all, it’s not just a course. We have there 3 different courses (that will be updated, especially the advanced one) and director’s commentary series. Director’s Commentary are videos explaining how I made my films. It’s not just ‘making of’ videos, which you can watch for free on my Youtube channel.  This is a series for people who watched the making of videos and want to know more about the production. Here I explain every shot going frame by frame through the film. I think that it will be valuable for people, who want to shoot a flow motion or just replicate some of the transitions, as there is no similar content anywhere on the web.  It’s like watching the video with me, in which I talk about production of every scene. The last thing about this platform, is that it will be updated with new content: courses, director’s commentary videos and future things, that will be happening – webinars, workshops recordings etc.

I’d like to mention one more thing: my courses are focused on deep understanding of the techniques, which should give you basics to explore and experiment with this technique on your own, creating unique shots and films. If you’re looking for things like ‘how to EASILY shoot a hyperlapse’ – it’s not that.  I show the best ways, which are sometimes not the easiest ones. Maybe for some people this won’t be the path they want to follow, however this approach let me become a hyperlapse pro and made my videos viral.

Here’s the list of the content:

  1. Timelapse Course – in depth timelapse course that starts from the basics, showing you also more advanced techniques.
    1. Introduction to timelapse
    2. Basic technique and gear for timelapse
    3. Planning the shots & Choosing the right subject
    4. Exposure part 1: Setting up the camera & aperture flicker
    5. Exposure part 2: Shutter speed & ND filters
    6. Speeded up video vs. Timelapse
    7. Holy Grail technique (Day to night timelapses)
    8. Movement in timelapse + drivelapse & rack focus
    9. Post production of a timelapse shot
  2. Hyperlapse Course – this is a course for people, who already know timelapse. It’s a very detailed hyperlapse course, in which I show all the problems I found throughout my career.
    1. Introduction to hyperlapse
    2. Basic technique for shooting a hyperlapse
    3. Different ways of shooting  a hyperlapse
    4. Choosing the right location
    5. Different types of hyperlapse shots
    6. Fake hyperlapse with a video
    7. Hyperlapse post production
  3. Advanced Course – this is a place with advanced hyperlapse techniques I used for my most complicated films. Check out the syllabus for this one and both previous courses, because we don’t have to agree with what is an advanced technique, and what is basic 😉 This is something available only for PRO Members and it will be updated the most (as there is nothing to add for now for the basic courses ;)).
    1. Changing reference points in hyperlapse
    2. Following a person with hyperlapse
  4. Panta Rhei Wrocław Director’s Commentary – unique explanation of the whole film in terms of planning, production and post. I show my techniques used for each shot, how I planned the transitions and what were my problems during the production.
  5. Explore Poland Director’s Commentary – here you find explanation of every detail of my latest flow motion project Explore Poland. Available after Explore Poland premiere.


There are two options to get the content on my platform. You can buy the courses seperately with one time payment or join PRO Membership, which is billed anuually and gives you access to all content on the platform, including things available only for the PRO Members:

  • Advanced Timelapse & Hyperlapse Course
  • Secret Facebook group
  • Suggesting new course topics
  • Submitting your videos for analisis, shots for stabilization tutorials etc. 

As you already know, the content on the platform is paid. I expand my blog with paid content for a few reasons. I’ll say this again – paid and free content will appear here parallel 🙂 This blog and my so far biggest hyperlapse films are non-profit projects. I didn’t want to put any ads here. This is a specialistic blog, and with ads it’s important to increase the traffic on the blog. So, it’s better to create a lot of content with clickbait titles, and I can’t do that – I hate such things big pages do. The second quite popular option for blogers is Patreon. It’s a way of supporting creators by viewers with monthly payments. Even though there could be some small rewards for that, I don’t like that option. I feel like people deserve something more for their support. And here’s my platform. I give you opportunity to learn techniques, that noone else is using or talking about. You support my work, which lets me create more content and videos.

I’m interested! But can I try it for free?

You can try the first lesson of timelapse course for free (Introduction to timelapse). Just sing up to my newsletter and you’ll get the access on e-mail >> NEWSLETTER.

So, if you’re interested in learning something new and helping me create new videos – join me on my platform! 🙂



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