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199 $ / year

Get access to everything that’s on the e-learning platform includind future conent and become a timelapse pro!

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Get access to everything that’s on the e-learning platform including members only stuff, future content and become a timelapse pro!

PRO Membership is a subscription to the e-learning platform. Subscription is based on a yearly payment. For each payment you get a year long access to the whole platform, including updates and new courses added within that year. There will be some content available just for the members, like Advanced Timelapse & Hyperlapse Course. There is also a special group on Facebook for the members! 🙂

Benefits of purchasing membership:

  • Access to the whole platform including:
    • all the updates
    • new added content
    • special content just for the members (like Advanced Course, live editing sessions etc.)
  • Suggesting new course topics
  • Access to private Facebook group, with bunch of special content from me
  • Supporting my work, which I’ll give you back in tutorials and cool videos 🙂



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