This week I’d like to share me thoughts about Sony Timelapse app and show you the free alternative for the paid app. I’ve been using both for a few months now so I know quite well thier strengths and weakneses. Unfortunately both apps are not perfect, so I use each one for specific things. Check out the video and I hope you’ll be able to decide which one do you prefer 🙂


Sony has changes a little their intervalometers policy. First of all for newer camera there is not a possibility to buy an app from play memories (so either payed and free app won’t work). I’m talking about a7III, a7RIV, a6400, a6600. They have built in intervalometer which is very similar to the app. In some things it works better, in some worse. For example, you can change some exposure settings during the shot – you can change shutter speed and ISO, but you can’t change the aperture.

The advantage of the new solution is that it works faster, as you don’t have to launch the app and wait for it to open. on the other hand – in play memories app there was also Stop Motion + app which was pretty cool. It still wokrs on my A6300, but I don’t have an option to install it on a7III. So, if you have any of the previous Sony camera – check out the video below.

Here are link for the apps:

If you want to really dive into timelapse technique, try my video course!

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  1. Have you tried either with qdslrdashboard to control exposure? Also, 1 second possible for full raw long timelapse?? I can only get 2.5s on 6d. Cheers for the review.

    • Tomasz

      No, I don’t use dslr dashboard at all. It’s not a real 1sec, it’s probably about 1,5. LRTimelapse shows that as 1 seconds interval for one picture, 2 seconds for second picture, again 1 sec for third and so on

  2. Thanks for a help, it’s exactly this what I need. And I am very glad to find so good timelapse of my Bielsko-Biała 😉

  3. Thank you for your video. I bought a Sony DSC RX 100 IV and thought it would be nice to try Time-lapse footage. Firstly, I was surprised to find that for a $1000 camera bought from Sony in Bulgaria that there is no Time-lapse installed and then, after some Internet research that I have to spend another $10 to purchase the App. Okay, so I go to the Play Memories Camera App website, register in English as English USA was the default option, verify my account via email and proceed to purchase the App only to be told that I have been logged out because it is not supported in my area!! I am absolutely livid that this is the situation and confirmed by Sony in Sofia an hour ago. I am now in contact with Sony Public Relations Europe. I have never come across such stupidity. If I buy a Ford vehicle in Bulgaria, should I expect to be told that they cannot service it or supply spare parts due to it not being supported in my area. This will be the last Sony that I buy if this situation is not resolved.

  4. Veli Akman

    As it said above, paments not supported in our country Turkey either. This is exactly what we are looking for.. Many thanks..