A few weeks ago I got Syrp 3 axis motion control system from Polish distributor Syrp.pl. While we are waiting for the Genie II, I wanted to make 2-3 shots for the Random Timelapse Shot series on this blog. However once I started shooting, I felt like I wanted more 🙂 Basically, I didn’t use 3 axis motion control sliders very often. Of course, I know how to setup the gear, however I wanted to get some strong experience in setting up interesting camera movements. It’s easy to shoot some simple 3 axis shot, but finding the best angles and camera trajectory is something that you’ve got to master with experience.

Check out ‘making of’ video below

As you’ll see, this video is something different from what I usually do. It’s much less dynamic, much slower. There are just shots made with Syrp motion control system. Nothing else. No drone, no hyperlapses. That was just an exercise for finding interesting angles. It was shot in my hometown, it was quite fun to walk around the city trying to find some new angles. As you know, I made a few videos in my city, so I know pretty much all the interesting spots for shooting 😉 The key is to find some new ways to see these places, not just shoot the same shots over and over. Oh, and it’s my first film in 4K. I don’t like using 4K in title just for marketing, but I want to figure out how it works 🙂

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I can recommend something like that for you guys – you can choose one place, one technique and try to do your best. It can be static timelapses, motion control shots, hyperlapses, whatever. Just force yourself to use only this technique you want to practice and master.

I was fascinated how much different it is from hyperlapse. Sometimes hyperlapse is explained as a technique used when the slider is too short. I’ve got huge experience with hyperlapses and I spent last month shooting motion control timelapse. And now my thoughts are that these two techniques are much more different from what people think 🙂

And here’s a little ‘making of’ video, you can find there some deleted scenes and shots of a slider setup 🙂 Don’t forget to subscribe to notification by clicking the little red bell in the bottom left corner 😉 Then you won’t miss any new article!



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