My last project in 2019 was to shoot an intro for a New Year’s Eve concert in Polish TV. And I couldn’t imagine better way to finish this year for me 🙂 I was able to mix some timelapse, drone footage and visit beautiful Tatra mountains. For sure I’ll be getting there again for shooting 🙂

It was a short, 20 seconds intro video. I had to show the surroundings of the city, in which the concert took place – so the mountains. In the video there are some cool post production tricks, motion control timelapses and hyperlapse. Even day to night drone hyperlapse 😉 The video is on my personal, Polish YT channel, so it’s in Polish with English subtitles.

Dive even more into how this video was made

The making of video is available below. When you watch it and still feel like you want to learn more about the video and techniques, I’ve got something for you: a FULL 20 minutes CASE STUDY course lesson, in which I explain how I made this video, from the concept all the way to exporting. It’s available in Advanced Timelapse & Hyperlapse course which is available to people who are PRO Members of the community or bought Lifetime Access to the whole platform.

Besides, this making-of video was a first edit made by my lovely wife, Gosia. From now on she’ll be helping me creating content for blog, youtube and courses, so expect more cool projects coming soon 🙂 Well, it won’t be hard to publish more than last year, as I was very busy and haven’t got time for blog, but it’ll change now 🙂 So, see you in next video!


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