2019 is over, and we as filmmakers usually use this time to summarize the work we did during that past year. And this was one hell of a year 🙂 Many things happened to me. First of all, please watch my 2019 REEL video, which contains my favourite timelapse and hyperlapse shots of that year and below, read a few words from me 😉

The amount of work didn’t let me write new posts or tutorials here on the blog or develop some personal projects (besides some smaller ones last winter) , which I love to do . For sure this year will be better for that, especially when it comes to blog updates, as I will have my wife to help me with that 🙂

In the end of 2018 I bought Mavic 2 Pro, so the beginning of the year was all about testing the hyperlapse mode in this drone. As you know, I think the best way to test the equipment is to shoot some bigger piece with it, not just the test shots. So I edited a winter video with pretty much only drone hyperlapses made in my city. For sure I’ll be getting back to the drone hyperlapse topic on this blog, but one thing I can say, is that buying Mavic 2 Pro was totally worth it 🙂

Mavic 2 Pro Drone Hyperlapse Post

In February we’ve visited Athens, Greece. I tried to be a travel vlogger there, but now I know it’s not really something for me. I prefer shooting well planned films than walking around the city and just shooting whatever you see. But hey, you have to try it to know it’s not for you 😉 I just think you’ve got to do things, that suit your personality. On the other hand I enjoy shooting and editing behind the scenes videos from my film projects 🙂

In April we travelled to Lisbon, Portugal to Finisterra Arrabida Travel Film Festival, in which Explore Poland – a Hyperlapse Journey competed in best timelapse category. And the great news was that we won the first prize! 🙂 It was a very nice trip, Lisbon is such a nice and beautiful city. We could meet there also a lot of very creative filmmakers who also took part in the festival. We hope to come back there someday 🙂 I also shoot a ‘travel video’ there, but the footage lays on the hard drive waiting for someone to edit it 😉

Basically when we came back from Lisbon, the rest of the year was all about work. Hyperlapse is a great technique for music events, so as always I had a few in my calendar. My longest festival was Sunrise Festival in Poland. I had so many cool shots from there I decided to edit my own short video (my shots were for official aftermovie which was produced and edited by RM Vision). You can check out my video below.

Besides some other TV and corporate work, the main thing for the rest of my year was Eurovision Junior Song Contest, which took place in Gliwice, Poland. We were shooting intro and ‘postcards’ for this event. Postards are these 40-60 seconds videos that are presented before each country performance. I was some kind of a DoP for this videos, I shot timelapses and drone shots and I was responsible for editing. It was a pleasure to work for such a big TV event and a great adventure. Especially that in the end Poland won the competition again! 🙂 We couldn’t imagine better ending for this 🙂

And, to end the 2019 properly, I was able to create the intro for the biggest New Year’s Eve concert in polish TV. For the first time in my life I was shooting in high mountains and it was winter. But for that I’ve got a whole making of video, which will be ready next week 😉

Do you have your REEL for 2019 with timelapses? 😉 Share that in the comments, I’d love to see it 🙂


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