Some of you may know, that I’ve got a Timelapse Hyperlapse & Stop Motion group on Facebook. And I’m happy to annouce that we just hit 5000 members! 🙂 Of course, numbers are not the most important, but as I’m in a few different timelapse groups on Facebook I can say it’s the most active group out there with the most committed community 🙂

To celebrate that I prepare a giveaway with prizes value of 2000$! It’s so cool that I was able to partner with brands that I cooperate to give you products that I love and use everyday 🙂 Another good news is that it’s not going to just one person. We will have 13 winners!

Check out the video or read the intructions how to join the giveaway below.



The task is super simple as it’s a celebration of our community, not a timelapse contest. To join you have to put a selfie in the comments (or just a photo of your camera if you don’t want to post selfie) and tell us where you’re from. Post it under the pinned post in Timelapse Hyperlapse Stop-Motion group. Just a simple thing, that let us know each other better. Each person can send just 1 picture. Sending more than one will disqualify him from the giveaway. You can also add a link to your YT/Vimeo channel if you like, others can be interested in your work


We’re starting today, on 2nd July and finishing on 9th July. Every entry made within that week will take part in random drawing of the winners. There will be total of 13 winners, each prize is going to different person.

I’m waiting for your entries! Good luck!


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