Advanced Timelapse & Hyperlapse Course

179 $ excl. Vat

In this course I’ll be including my favourite advanced techniques used in timelapse and hyperlapse.  Here you’ll be able to find information, that let you get your timelapse films to the next level. This is the course, that will be updated most often. It’s available to PRO Members of the platform (who can also suggest topics for the future lessons).


  • As this is advanced course, you’ve got to already know timelapse and hyperlapse techniques,
  • All the knowledge from previous courses is required


The whole course is based on Adobe software + LRTimelapse app, we use mostly: Lightroom, After Effects (Premiere Pro). That’s the most popular combination in timelapse world. As for LRTimelapse + Lightroom there practically isn’t any replacement software, for editing you can use whatever software you want, however I show everything on the software I use listed above.




  • The course consist of video lessons
  • Each lesson has an English voiceover with optional English or Polish subtitles (for Polish subtitles: voiceover text is translated, on-screen text is not)
  • Some of the lessons has bonus content like PDF files, graphics etc.
  • The course is available only online on this website. There is no possibility to download the videos.



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