This is a very detailed hyperlapse course, where you can find all the information you need to create entertaining and professional looking hyperlapse sequences. With this course I focus for you to deeply understand the hyperlapse technique. If you’re looking for something like “super easy way to make your hyperlapse in 5 minutes” – it’s not that. This course is everything I would like to know, when I was starting. Informations in this course will let you shoot as a professional hyperlapser (or work as one ;)). 

Required skills:

  • Basic knowledge about Timelapse photography and using camera in manual mode – if you’re new to Timelapse Photography start with my Timelapse Course
  • You DON’T need any previous hyperlapse experience
  • The course is meant for who knows timelapse and wants to evolve in this matter. We discus from basics all the subjects around hyperlapse photography

Software used

The main software used for hyperlapse is Adobe After Effects. You can use any software you want, however in this course I show everything in the software I (and most of the hyperlapsers) use.

Usefull info:

  • The course consist of video lessons
  • Each lesson has an English voiceover with optional English or Polish subtitles (for Polish subtitles: voiceover text is translated, on-screen text is not)
  • Some of the lessons has bonus content like PDF files, graphics etc.
  • The course is available only online for streaming on this website. There is no possibility to download the videos.

There are basically two ways to get access to the video:

  1. Buy it seperately – one time payment gives you lifetime access.
  2. Buy a subcription membership, which gives you access to everything on the e-learning platform including future updates.

Course Information

Estimated Time: 99 minutes

Difficulty: Intermediate



Course Instructor

Tomasz Tomasz Author

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