Let’s analyze together my biggest flow motion hyperlapse project. In this video lesson I’ll go ‘frame by frame’ explaining how I accomplished specific effects for the shots in the film, how I made the transitions between them and what was my initial plan and how I had to adjust that to the environment I was in.

Explore Poland Director’s Commentary is basically an answer to the question I hear most often: ‘How I did it?’. It’s not a tutorial, I show here basic idea behind such film, the process of planning and unvealing some post prodution mysteries.

If you’re fascinated about timelapse and hyperlapse and you think about trying some of the technics you’ve seen in my video – that’s something for you! It will help you understand how to create such films. If you just loved the film and want to know everything about the production process, you’ll help me also create new cool project which I’ll be sharing with you, guys.

Director’s commentary is not a tutorial. I’m showing you the idea behind every shot and transition, I’m not teaching you how to create each transition step by step.

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Explore Poland Director’s Commentary


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