We’ve got snow here were I live 🙂 However the shot has completely different subject. I stayed in home, it’s warm here. This week I tried something with my old DIY mini dolly. Of course, it’s not motorized, but such gear with some patient could be used for a motion control equipement for timelapse. It’s not perfect, but it works 🙂

It’s my first shot with my black friday deal – Sony A6300. For the motion I used old DIY mini dolly, made with skateboard wheels and a piece of metal. On top of that I put my Manfrotto 502AH head.  The dolly had turnable wheels. I turn them to make the dolly do circles around the candles. It’s hard to position everything perfectly, so I had to recenter the candles in post. For the movement I just move the dolly wheel – 1/4 turn for every picture (the final clip is speeded up twice).

Candles are always fun subject to shoot. These kind of small candles fire for about 10-20 minutes, depending on the type of the candle. I set the interval of 7 seconds. The aperture was fully open (50mm 1.8 lens) to keep the background heavily blurred. The whole shoot took about 20 minutes. In post I had to go frame by frame adjusting the position to stabilize it. The result from the camera wasn’t bad, but definitely it needs some retouch.

That’s all, quick and fun shot to make. Do you have some candle shots in your portfolio? Or manual motion control? 😉 Share them on my Facebook group: http://facebook.com/groups/timelapse.hyperlapse


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