This week I’ve got another shot from Pszczyna video, this time opening shot. Also, you can watch full video below 😉 Quite often I’m asked how I changed the reference point during the hyperlapse. I’ll try to answer that in this article.

If you’re not familiar with hyperlapse technique, check out the tutorial: How to shoot hyperlapse [TUTORIAL]

Short hyperlapses look great, but I like to make my sequence as long and dynamic as possible. With hyperlapse you can make transitions in your camera right on set instead of in editing software 😉 This shot starts and ends with a static timelapse, with a hyperlapse joining these two toghether. Everything was shot with just a camera and a tripod. There are a few parts in this sequence, I’ll listed them below:

  1. Static monument timelapse
  2. Hyperlapse around the monument – reference point on the head
  3. Straight forward hyperlapse – reference point on the gate
  4. Straight forward hyperlapse – reference point on the golden cup monument
  5. Hyperlapse around the castle – reference point on the upper window
  6. Static timelapse of the castle.

As you see, there are quite a few changes in reference point. First two points are quite obvious. Shooting static timelapse I framed the shot to get the reference point where I wanted. I changed the fixed point when the new one was quite close to the monument head. The most important thing is that you shouldn’t do that within two frames (unless those points are very close, like between 4th and 5th point in the list above). This took me about 5 frames to start using the new fixed point. Those 5 frames were to ease the jump between points, so I manually slightly repositioned the camera from the first point to the second point. It doesn’t matter it’s not precise, you’ll fix it in post 😉 (however try be as precise as possible!).

The same thing I did between 3 and 4. For about 5 frames I was slightly pointing the camera lower (so I missed the fixed point). When my camera was positioned on the new reference point I was just hyperlapsin’ as always 😉

As I mentioned earlier, between 4 and 5 it was quite different (easier). When the golden cup covers the window, which was my next fixed point, I just started to follow the window instead of the cup. Simple and useful for some situations 😉

For a tutorial of the ending shot check out this post: Vertigo Hyperlapse [34th of 52 Timelapse Project]

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