Last week I showed you how to shoot a hyperlapse with Moza Aircross gimbal, so now let me show you what you can do with it 🙂 Here’s about 2km walk in the mountains! Fortunately my setup is not too heavy, however still I would prefer to get lighter lens 😉 But first, check out the video and then I’ll tell you about my setup!

This shot is a part of my upcoming video “Winter”. There will be some creative shots there 🙂 Enable notification on this blog to be sure you won’t miss that – click on the little red bell in the bottom left corner. So, me and my friend Michał went into the mountains in my city to create a timelapse shot of building a snowman (I was doing a few projects with him already, check out this sculpture shot: 2 Axis Camera Movement on a budget – Timelapse & Stop-motion). Unfortunately, it was too cold and we couldn’t make one, so at least I made a few hyperlapses 🙂 This one shows almost whole path from Klimczok (1117m above sea level) to Szyndzielnia. Not very far, however the hyperlapse took about 20 minutes and it’s I think my longest gimbal hyperlapse so far. I really enjoy such shot and for sure I’ll be repeating that, but maybe in some higher mountains and not in the winter 😉

For this shot I used of course Moza Aircross gimbal in yaw follow mode. If you’re interested in this device, check out my review here: Pan-Tilt Timelapse Head Replacement? Moza AirCross REVIEW . The camera I used was Sony A6300 with Sigma mc-11 adapter and Canon lens Sigma 10-20mm f/3.5. The lens was of course at 10mm. The other settings were as follows:
  • Manual exposure – of course 😉
  • Aperture f/4
  • ISO 100
  • Shutter speed 0.8″ – same as in the tutorial. I like such a long shutter with scenery where there is not  that much happening.
  • Hoya ProND 500 filter (9 stops of light loss)
  • Interval 1 second

The whole shot took 22 minutes. The result you watch is straight out of the camera. I just cut out one part, where I stopped so Michał could go ahead and appear again in the shot 😉 I didn’t even use After Effects for that, just simple Premiere cut.

I love that these one handed gimbals even with dual handle are really lightweight. Besides a little back pain I didn’t have any problems to shoot such a long hyperlapse 🙂

Have you already tried a gimbal hyperlapse? Show me the results in my Facebook group:

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