There’re only 20 shots to end this project 🙂 This week we have another motion control shot with a Slidekamera equipement, this time at night. Check out the shot and my camera settings below.

I was able to get my hand on Slidekamera full 3 axis motion control system with a beta mobile app for timelapse. The setup is quite big, because it’s built for big film cameras (you can put up to 8kg there, I used Canon 550D that weights probably around 1kg with a lens). After my test I gave them my thougths what would be nice to add. Also, I was told, that they will release a much smaller pan tilt head, typically for timelapse and stop motion. I haven’t seen that yet, but I hope it would be another interesting motion control kit for timelapsers 😉 We will see in a few weeks.

This shot was made using a 1 meter slider and pan tilt head (although the tilt rotation is very subtle). I took 120 pictures within 10 minutes, which gave us 5 seconds intervals. The shutter speed was at 1″. As always, I used my Sigma 10-20mm lens.

Night shots can look really awesome in timelapse technique. Also, you don’t need an ND filter to get long exposures 😉 Make sure you try one of them in your city, find a nice lit spot, interesting framing and shoot! Remember, experience is gold!

See you next week!


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