This week I had a chance to make my first ever timelapse workshops 🙂 I love to share the knowledge about timelapse, so it was great time for me, although after 8 hours I was barely able to speak. Check out the motion control shot from Poznań below 😉

The idea of this shot was gave by Jarek from Winmar, who helped me with this workshop. Basically – motion control timelapse shot of all the participants, who doesn’t move during the shot 😉 For this we had to set the interval quite low, noone wanted to be freezed there for an hour. We did 120 pictures at 2 sec interval, which gave us 4 minutes of shooting. We used 3 axis motion control setup from polish company Slidekamera.

During the shot I set my second camera behind the motion control setup. I love the BTS timelapses with moving motion control equipment 😉 In post, I decided to combine those two with a little morphing – which was for me combination of Corner Pin and Liquify effect in After Effects. Definitely I prefer this kind of transition over the hard cut 😉

Have you noticed the guy with the camera in the back ;)? I saw that during the post production – respect for the little stop motion idea for this shot. Well done!

We’re getting closer to the timelapse challange for you guys 🙂 Stay tuned and see you next week!



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