This week we have another static timelapse, but shooting sunsets is an essential skill for a timelapser 😉 Check out the shot and read something about settings below!

I use pretty much all the time ultra wide angle lens for timelapses. It’s not good, if you get stuck with just one focal length 😉 This week we have a sunset timelapse shot on 140mm at M4/3 sensor (280mm equivalent), slightly cropped in post. If you’re shooting stills you can do a crop in post to 1080p, so you can have a really big sun in the frame 😉

Shooting sunsets and sunrises are the basic skills for a timelapser. I really like the moment, when the sun hides behind the horizon. Timelapsing this moment is quite easy, but you’ve got to set the camera properly. First of all – it’s not day to night timelapse. You can shoot it at constant camera settings and you don’t need LRTimelapse 😉 So it’s good for beginners.

The longer focal length you use, the faster the sun will be moving in the frame. If you shoot sun with wide angle lens with an interval of 10 seconds, it’s definitely too long for this shot. I used 1 second interval in my shot.

It’s always good to use longer shutter speed, however in this shot it’s not neccessary. There are some things, that could make this shot worse at short shutter speed, like birds and planes (those flying close to you). However, as you see, there weren’t any in the shot 😉 If there were – I would prefer to use long shutter speed than to remove them in post, but it’s also possible.

As you see this shot is quite easy – so please try that on your own and share your results on my Facebook group:

This would be a nice exercise before my challenge next month. Be prepared 😉 See you next week!


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