There are spots, that look like created for hyperlapse. Even ground, perfect lines and circles, interesting theme. My 29th shot is from one of places like that in Poznań, Poland.

It’s the first totally classic hyperlapse with a tripod and fixed point in my 52 project. But still I think it’s worth sharing 🙂

I was in Poznań for a short period, and I was able to explore it quickly. There are many beautiful locations, Market Square, Cytadela Park and much more. But there was one spot that made me wanna shoot a hyperlapse: this funny sculpture of a guy with an umbrella 🙂

It was a simple hyperlapse, you can find a detailed tutorial about that here: How to shoot hyperlapse [TUTORIAL]

I spent an hour on shooting that, I wanted to be as precise as possible. That shortens your post production time 😉 In this case I just put a Warp stabilizer on that.

It’s a quite long shot. As I mentioned earlier, it was a great spot for a hyperlapse. As you can see in the picture below there was a nice circle made out of stone. There were also lines on the joining of the stones. Pretty nice spot 😉

I didn’t use an intervalometer, because there wasn’t sun, clouds etc in the frame (objects that can jump between pictures with variable interval). The shutter speed was 1″. Of course I used an ND filter, ND64. And that’s it 😉 Remember to be patient while shooting! 🙂

Show me your hyperlapses! Share them on my Facebook group. Let me know in the comments how do you like it.

PS. Next month we are starting with challenge for you guys! Stay tuned.


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