Last week we had a simple shot so now it’s time for something more complicated 😉 It’s not technically one shot, but combination of three different shots. Such technique was as always inspired by Rob Whitworth flow motion work. Check out the shot and a little how-to below!

As I mentioned, this sequence is a combination of three different shots. First of all, a drone timelapse (you can read about that in my other post: DroneLapse [1 of 52 Timelapse Project]). This time I used Point of interest mode in my drone instead of Waypoints. It’s much quicker, however I still think that waypoints are better for this kind of shots, of course if you’ve got enough time 😉 This time Point of interest worked just fine.

Also, it was shot as a video. You can read about problems with still pictures timelapses from drones in the post I linked. So, speeded up video in post. Frame blending on for some fake motion blur. I didn’t even try Warp Stabilizer on that, because it doesn’t like such shots. I’ve put a simple one point stabilization on one of the chimneys on the roof. The result was satisfying 🙂

The drone shot, which ends with lowering the height of flight, leads us to a static timelapse of the whole building. Just a tripod, camera and me 🙂 Shot with GH4 and 10mm lens on a Speedbooster. Nothing fancy. The third shot is another speeded up video, this time shot with my GH4 and 18-35mm lens @35mm. I didn’t zoom any lens in the field, everything is added in post 😉 To do this I combined wide and narrow shot just like in my sunset shot: Sunset Smooth Zoom Transition [9 of 52 Timelapse Project]. The video of course was speeded up to fit the tempo I like.

Important thing in this kind of shot is to try to be as exact as possible. I want to have the building in the frame symmetrically, I ended up the dron shot exactly in the middle of the building. The two shots from the ground were also shot from the same position. I came to the location earlier to shot the timelapse, then I was waiting for the actors 😉

Second thing to have in mind is to do it in the same time of the day to get similar shadows on the building. If I try to blend the morning drone shot with an evening timelapse of the building it would just won’t work (I could try to make it better with some color correction, but it’s better to keep your work easy ;)).

This kind of transitions are all about watching and tweaking the video as long as you feel that something is not that smooth. Sometimes, deleting only one frame makes the shot feel smooth and neat.

I’ll add the full video here when it’ll be released, that’s the first shot of the video 😉

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  1. Do you have the detailed video tutorial on the post processing part? I love the seamless transition. Thanks.

    • Tomasz

      Hey, I don’t have a specific tutorial, because it’s always a set of different techniques. Now, I’m starting bigger flow motion project, which I will shoot till 2018 and with this project there would be some good BTS coverage. For now, you can follow my 52 Timelapse Project, where I describe different techniques, sometimes also usefull for this kind of project.