There are many motion control devices on the market. This week during my workshops I was able to make a few shots with a Slidekamera 3 axis motion control equipement. It has really nice feature, that lets me program more complicated paths than a simple movement from A to B. More shots from this motion control kit and a pretty neat hyperlapse from my workshops will be released soon on Beyond The Time fanpage – be sure to hit the like button 😉

Now, check out the shot and read details below. Thanks to Paweł Bus for the BTS shot 🙂

With many of the motion control systems you can set just a simple path. I mean you set the start point, you set the end point and the camera moves between them, without any midpoints or changes during the movement. Don’t get me wrong, in 95% shots that’s all you need and it makes the system easier to use. However I really like to experiment and try things, that are those 5% 😉

This shot had 4 keyframes in movement. First was of course start point – the camera was pointing at a dwarf figure. The second keyframe was about the middle of the slider – the camera was still pointng at the dwarf. The third keyframe was ‘placed’ at the end of the slider – the camera was pointing up this time, at the road. The last keyframe was just to get the static timelapse – so I didn’t change the camera position, just added it to get some static frames at the end of the shot 🙂

For this shot I used Canon 550D with Sigma 10-20mm lens. The exposure setting and interval were as follows:

  • Shutter speed 1″
  • Aperture f/3.5
  • ISO 100
  • Interval 5 sec

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