This week I finally decided to shoot a proper day to night holy grail hyperlapse 😉 The shot was made in a very nice location in my city (I’ve been shooting  there a few times, maybe you recognize it from my gimbal timelapse tutorial ;)).  Of course, it’s a combination of holy grail technique, which is used for day to night transition, and a hyperlapse shot. Both techniques are covered on my blog. To learn more, check out these posts: How to shoot hyperlapse [TUTORIAL] and Day to Night – Holy Grail TechniqueSo, check out the shot and read how I did that below 😉

Shooting a hyperlapse on an untreated  ground can be challenging.  Well, maybe not shooting, but stabilizing the footage in post 😉 That’s why I decided to once again use a gimbal mounted to the tripod. The result straight out of the camera wasn’t perfect, but it was quite easy to stabilize. My fixed point was one of those two red and white chimneys. It was a smart choice, because it has lights that blink in the night, so it was easy to aim. For this shot I used GH4 with Sigma 18-35mm at 35mm. That’s unusual for me, because I use a wide angle lens most of the time, but I really like the result. I use an intervalometer to shoot this to keep constant light changes, I set it to 30 sec (without intervalometer I would probably shoot too often).

I didn’t use any NDs, because I knew I would need a lot of light in the night, and unscreweing the ND during the shot is a nightmare. I ended up adjusting all the settings – first the shutter speed, to get more motion blur if any moving object would appear, then I opened the aperture and the last setting I adjusted was the ISO. The ending of the shot was spontaneous. When the panoramic photo of the view comes in my way, I decided to end the shot with that. It’s not very well visible, but still I prefer to end my shot in some unexpected way 😉


Here’s my setup for this shot. If you want to see bts pictures before anyone else, follow me on Instagram:

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See you next week!


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