This week I’ve decided to take a walk around my city. We’ve got a beautiful castle in the city centre, it’s always a good place for a hyperlapse. Also, I’m preparing for a new, big hyperlapse project, so I’ll be testing some different techniques of shooting. This time it was a gimbal mounted on a monopod – same technique as two weeks ago, but this time much longer distance (in fact this is my second attemp for this setup). I really like that combination, because it’s much faster to shoot than with a gimbal on a tripod, especially on stairs (I hate using tripod on stairs), and much easier in post production than handheld shots. Take a look at the shot and my description below 😉

The setup is simple – I mounted my gimbal upside down on a monopod and attached a remote shutter release that was taped to the head handle. Of course, it’s not as steady as a tripod and I didn’t use shutter speeds of 1″ and longer, however I was able to use shutter speed of 0.5″, which is quite nice for walking people and driving cars. This setup is great for straight forward shots. It’s a little bit harder to use it with classic shots with a reference point, however it’s possible. I love the fact that the roll axis is always leveled, I hate to stabilize rotation in my shots 😉

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In post, I didn’t use Warp Stabilizer at all. The result straight out of the camera is quite stable, but it needs some adjustments to look really nice, especially in the castle part and at the end (those parts, where I manually adjusted the pan) 🙂 For those, I used combination of Stabilize Motion feature inside Tracker panel and manual stabilization. For detailed hyperlapse stabilization tutorial check out this post: Hyperlapse Stabilization Tutorial

I really like making such complex shots with hyperlapse 🙂 Let me know what do you think about this shot! Feel free to comment here or in my Facebook group:

See you next week!



  1. BOMBA! Wychodzi Ci to rewelacyjnie! Daj znać jak coś będziesz znowu w Bielsku robił – możemy razem coś popstrykać 😉