Since I released my gimbal hyperlapse tutorial, I’m very often asked whether I used a gimbal for the shot (and why I decided to use a tripod ;)). The answer is simple – both techniques give different results. And we should choose the right technique for what we want to accomplish. Below, you can find a video that explains differences between these techniques.

To be clear –  I call a gimbal hyperlapse a technique, in which you walk with your gimbal handheld. A tripod (classic, regular) hyperlapse is a technique, in which you use a tripod/monopod and move between the pictures, not during taking pictures. The classic hyperlapse can be shot with a gimbal mounted to the tripod/monopod (and I shoot like that quite often) but the result would be the same. For detailed information, check out the tutorials below.

>> Tripod Hyperlapse Tutorial

>> Gimbal Hyperlapse Tutorial


I hope now you can distinguish these two techniques, when you see a hyperlapse shot 😉 It’s best to learn both and use different techniques for different projects. Gimbal hyperlapse is much faster to shoot, but there’s nothing better than a classic hyperlapse effect 😉

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