This week I was able to put my hands on the Syrp motion control kit, thanks to Foto7 – the Polish distributor of Syrp. I wasn’t very lucky with the weather, so I decided to shoot something at home 😉 The over-the-head shot while I’m editing is something I wanted to do since I started this project, but I’m always in hurry when editing 😉 This time I just wanted to test out the Syrp gear, which I had for the first time in my hands. Check out the shot, and read my thoughts below 😉

First of all – this is not a sponsored post 😉 I got the gear for my upcoming project, but I wasn’t able to use it, so I decided to give it a try in my 52 Timelapse Project.

I was really amazed with the quality of the gear. These guys really like to get every detail look perfect in their gear. It’s mainly design, but there are some really clever and useful things, like the way that ending caps for slider work, or how you change the bolt in the carriage.  But no matter how it looks, it must do the job 🙂 My first contact with the mobile app (three axis motion control movement needs to be setup with a mobile app) was quite confusing. The way you setup the movement is different from the other motion control gears I worked with – but the design of the app is also really nice 😉  My first movement setup was a real battle. Maybe it’s just me, but my first thought was it could be more intuitive. I needed to watch some tutorials from Syrp to finally get how it works. Don’t get me wrong, it’s not that much complicated once you get what the colors and arrows mean in the app 😉 Probably after a few tries I will be really confident with shooting three axis shots with Genie.

The results of the system are very good. I really like the fact that there is a timer in the app that shows how long you’re shooting and how long the whole shot would be. Also, there is an information how long is the final timelapse clip so far – I’m used to work with information how many pictures were taken, but it’s also fine 🙂

About this shot – of course, I couldn’t shoot a simple 3 axis shot, of which there is plenty of on the Internet. I setup the 1,6m slider upside down and hang the Genie and two Genie Minis over my head 😉 Remember, that’s not the way it’s designed to work, so be extremely careful when shooting upside down or just don’t do it for your own and your gear safety 😉 I set up the interval to 7 seconds and shutter speed to 0.5″. I wish the ending caps had a tripod mount, then I could use more length of the slider. On the shot I’m editing shots from my upcoming project 🙂

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