I’m very happy to invite you to my first webinar, in which I’m going to share with you my top 10 tips for better timelapse and hyperlapse shots! The webinar is totally free of charge 🙂 You can register here or by clicking on the REGISTER NOW button.

In the beginnig of the webinar I’m going to give a little introduction to the timelapse and hyperlapse techniques, explain briefly what timelapse and hyperlapse is and present the basic rules. Then I’m going to reveal my top 10 tips, which I use on the daily basis. I developed them through over 6 years of my experience as a timelapse and hyperlapse photographer, I was experimenting and learning on my mistakes, and now I can say that I’m pretty sure what and how I want to show in my films. Thanks to this webinar, you will also be able to creatively apply new tricks to your shots.

At the end of the webinar I’m going to answer to the questions, that I’m being asked pretty often. I’ve collected them and prepared very in-depth answers, which hopefully will resolve your doubts in these topics.


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