Here’s my second and last shot from Greece. It was captured during the ferryboat trip to Zakynthos. Below you can find all the details about how I shot that. Furthermore, I’ve got a suprise for you – first time ever I recorded my post production stabilization process 😉 You guys were asking a lot for post-production tutorials, so maybe I’ll share one soon. Let me know in the comments if you want to watch that and I’ll edit the video and post it soon! 😉 For now – check out the shot and details below.

For my Greece vacation I took just a GH4 with 14-140mm lens with me. It was also shot handheld. As you can imagine, on the ferry it’s quite windy and it’s hard to aim the fixed point correctly (especialy I wasn’t using a wide angle for this, it was equivalent of about 50mm). I didn’t use any NDs for this shot. Sometimes, when you’re tired of carring the heavy tripod, it’s good to shoot something handheld 😉 

I also used a Holy Grail technique for this shot, but it was just slightly adjusting the exposure for about 3 times. The sequence was very unstable in the beginning, Warp Stabilizer couldn’t handle that. I like this shot because of the very long distance I travelled with the camera and the background, that flies behind this small building on the island.

As I mentioned above, let me know in the comments if you want the detailed video tutorial of the stabilization process of this shot 😉

See you next week!


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