I love moving shadows on timelapse, however it’s usually pretty time consuming. This time I decided to shoot one of those timelapses. Of course I regretted  this during the shot because it was boring, but I really like the result 🙂 Check out the shot and read the camera parameters and a little back story below.

The video is from an abandoned hospital in Poland. I was visiting it to make two previously planned shots and I end up with 4 hours shoot. But it was really cool!

I love those kind of forgotten places, where the time has stopped years ago. I’m planning to make a little video from there, but I don’t know when 😉 I’ve got some footage already but I need to shoot some undergrounds too and it’s kind of scary.

But let’s talk about this shot! As you see, it’s motion control timelapse shot. As usually, I used my gimbal for that (check out the gimbal timelapse tutorial – >3 Axis Gimbal – Timelapse Feature [VIDEO TUTORIAL] ) . And because I didn’t even take a tripod (who does that…), I had to improvise. I put my gimbal upside down, just like for the calibration,  and surprisingly it worked 😉

Camera settings

I wanted to capture the moving shadows in this shot. I decided to go with 1 hour shot, which I had saved to one of the profiles in the gimbal. The interval between pictures was 15 seconds. There aren’t any fast moving objects that could produce some motion blur in the shot, so I just set ‘normal’ exposure, without any strong ND filters or longer shutter speed.

Post production

 The gimbal wasn’t very steady on the handle (it was 10th floor with quite strong wind), so the only thing that I had to do was to put a Warp Stabilizer on the footage. Default settings were just fine, because it’s a pretty easy shot for Warp 😉 Definitely it’s better to use a tripod if you have one with you 😉

That’s all 🙂 Quite a simple shot, but maybe it will help those of you, who want to shoot some shadows. One more news from this week is that I’ve finally moved the blog to another server, hopefully faster 🙂 See you next week!


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