2018 has ended, so it’s time for REEL! 🙂 I always enjoy going through my entire year, picking up my favourite shots and editing them together. I also like to see what I did in previous year and planning what I want to accomplish in the new one. Below you can find the reel and a few words from me about 2018 and plans for the future.

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2018 summary & Plans for the future

Two of my biggest projects for 2018 were Explore Poland video and starting my own e-learning platform, where you can learn timelapse and hyperlapse from basics. I’m very happy I was able to finish both of them. In 2019 for sure I’ll be developing more courses and lessons. It’s a very unique place on the Internet, where you can learn my exact techniques that no one else teach or use. For sure you won’t find such detailed hyperlapse course anywhere.

In 2017 I was focusing on releasing short clips with individual timelapse shots each week (check out 52 Timelapse Project).  2018 was all about Explore Poland project. In 2019 I want to do something between extremely long project and short clips. I mean, more shorter videos. Mostly travel videos, I hope so. Combining more video shots to my timelapses. As always trying new things, but this time also when it comes to film genre.

Some of you may know, that I had two accounts both on Facebook and Youtube: ‘Beyond The Time‘ and ‘TL video’ fanpage and youtube channels. I’ve decided it will be better to keep just Beyond The Time in the current form and change the TL video channels for something different. Now all my TL video channels will be named ‘Tomasz Walczak’ and it is:

Beyond The Time stays the place to learn and explore timelapse techniques, but those two channels will be with less specified content. The main difference is I’ll be running those in Polish, but don’t worry. If you want to follow me there, I will always add English subtitles to the videos. I’ve got my reasons to do it and I feel I need to try that. How exactly it will work? I’m not sure. I will figure it out shooting videos. Maybe those two places will be connected when it comes to content, maybe independent. Will see 🙂

Thanks for being with me another year. I hope I haven’t disappointed you with my videos and tutorials 🙂 See you next time!


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