Good news for all participants of my Courses! I’ve just updated the Hyperlapse Course adding a new lesson – how to shoot a day to night hyperlapse shot. This is available now to everyone who bought either Hyperlapse Course or PRO Membership. And in this post I’ll give you a few information about the lesson and technique.

Day to night hyperlapse is a really fun and impressive technique, however for some reason I see very few shots made this way on the Internet. The idea is pretty simple – if you can shoot a hyperlapse and you can do a holy grail timelapse shot – combine it! As in every technique there are some things, that you’ve got to have in mind while shooting, especially choosing the right path and interval. I’m using here hole grail technique, which means I manually change the exposure parameters during the shot to get a proper exposure throughout the whole shot. I wouldn’t recommend shooting on auto exposure here. For example in this shot there would be problems when the trees move in the front of the camera. They are positioned close to the camera and they are pretty dark, so camera automatics would try to compensate the exposure by brightening the image. The light transition wouldn’t be smooth.

I really like doing such shots. They are more time consuming than normal hyperlapses but the effect is worth it. Below you can see another example of holy grail hyperlapse, from my 52 Timelapse Project. I shot it over a year ago but I still really enjoy this shot.

What you can find in the lesson

Day to night hyperlapse is an 8th lesson in the Hyperlapse Course. As in the hyperlapse technique the experience is very important, I think it’s really good to give you the lesson, in which I show every step I do in making a hyperlapse shot. Even though you’re not interested in Day to night shots yet, it’s good to watch it, as every shot has different problems that you’ve got to handle. For sure there will be more such lessons in the future with different shots 😉

I finally got a GoPro – it’s my first one ever so it took some time. The whole shooting I was wearing that on my chest. It was fun to use that little camera to create that lesson. With the first person view you can see exactly what I’m doing.

The lesson guides you through the whole process – planning, shooting and post production. It’s 20 minutes long and I would say it’s quite a long lesson. My lessons are very condensed – the voiceover in the video is scripted, so I give you as much information as I can in the smallest amount of time, without chit-chat talk 😉 As it also has the full post production process of creating the shot – I attached the shot to download in the lesson resources. The are two things available to download:

  • RAW files if you want to process the files using LRTimelapse and Lightroom,
  • Unstabilized processed video file if you want to just try stabilizing.

The lesson is already available to everyone who bought Hyperlapse Course or PRO Membership to my e-learning platform.


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