Today, as it’s black friday, I decided to gather all the black friday promotion that I think are interesting for timelapsers into one post. So, here you’ll find out what gear and software I recommend with a little description 🙂 If you’re about to buy some of the gear or software, it’s the best time of the year!

I’d like to add that for sure there are tons of other discount on the Internet, however these are 7 things that I would recommend and get for myself 🙂

1. Timelapse & Hyperlapse courses

Let’s start with a little self-promotion. As you probably know, I’ve started my own e-learning platform. For the following 24h you’ll get 10$ off the membership access and you’ll get my custom timelapse hat for every purchase 🙂 It took me about a year to create all the content available there, it’s very detailed and condensed knowledge. Additionally, I’m pretty sure you can’t find any other such detailed hyperlapse course 🙂

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2. 15% OFF LRTimelapse

I talk a lot about this software on the blog, because it’s something every timelapser should know. With that software, you can deflicker your sequences, animate parameter from lightroom and create a beautifully smooth day to night transitions. I have to add, that it’s the first code for this software I’ve seen for years. So, to get the discount use coupon code blafri15 during checkout.  Works also for upgrading 😉

For those who don’t know, I will also add, that LRTimelapse has a free version with limitation of 400 pictures per shot and non-commercial usage. Also, with the PRO license you get more export codecs and resolution options.

Get LRTimelapse here: LRTimelapse

3. GBDeflicker 20% OFF

I’m putting this here as an addition. In my opinion, LRTimelapse should be your main deflicker tool, but you can get this as an addition to do final touches on your sequences. So HERE you can get 20% off their deflicker tools.

4. Adobe cC subscription 20$ off/month

I whish I would just finish my subscription so I could get this one 🙂 Adobe is giving every plan cheaper, and you get not just first payment, but the whole year discount. You can get all the apps for 39.99$/month instead of 52.99$. Adobe has some of the most popular software in the industry. Lightroom and After Effects for me is a must when I do Timelapse and Hyperlapse. Check out their plans here: ADOBE PLANS

5. Syrp 20%-50% oFF

If you follow my blog you know, that Syrp is one of my favorite brands for timelapse. You can check out my Spring Time video, where all the shots are motion control shots made with Syrp

Check out their sale at

6. Moza gimbals

I use gimbals for pretty much most of my work. For over a year I’m a Gudsen Moza brand ambassador and I really enjoy their products. Gimbals are extremely useful for hyperlapses. You can also use them as a pan-tilt head for motion control timelapse shots. Today you can get the gimbal that I used for Explore Poland project 60$ OFF the regular price. Additionally, use coupon code TOMASZ to get 5% more discount!  Overall, you’re getting the gimbal for 322$, to 78$ saved! 🙂

7. FEELWORLD on-camera monitors

On-camera monitor is not a must-have for timelapser, but since I got the Feelworld Master MA5 I use it from time to time and for some shots it’s really useful, like for the last shot in Explore Poland project. As this monitor is very affordable, if you have spare cash, you can get it. Especially, if you’re a Sony mirrorless user. As we all know, their in-camera screens aren’t the best… You can get it today for 30$ cheaper. So, the 5″ monitor cost you 139$. Go there to check out the deal: MA5 Monitor

That’s all for today 🙂 It’s always good to save a few bucks on such things, so I hope you’ll find this post useful. See you next time!



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