As the original Genie is becoming cheaper, it gains more and more interest not only from timelapsers. Lots of people ask me how it works for video. The overall opinion on the internet says it’s quite slow. I haven’t used that for the video before, so I decided to make a few example shots for you guys 🙂

The gear used in this video is the original Genie + 2x Genie Mini for 3 axis shots. I used Sony A6300 and Sigma 18-35mm lens @ 18mm. There was no stabilization either in the body, the lens or in post. All the shots are at the max speed for the slide motor.

As always, thanks to the Syrp Poland for the gear.

Check out my timelapse project shot 100% on Syrp gear: WINTER – a Timelapse Film and Making Of

And here are some thoughts I have about that:

  • Speed: I think the speed is good for most of the shots. Of course, it depends much on the lens and the distance to the subject or forground element.
  • Portability: As I said previously, the gear is very portable, I can easily put the whole 3 axis kit to my backpack together with my gimbal and 2 cameras 😉
  • Versatility: The 3 axis kit can be mounted on any slider and that’s awesome for me.
  • App: I feel like there are more bugs in the app for video than for timelapse. I used quite old iPhone 4s and sometimes I had problems, mostly to start the motors for shooting. I had to reconnect the Genies for it to work. If you have only the Genie (the bigger, slide module) you set it on the device, not through the app, so it’s not a problem then.
  • Loudness: as you here on the video – it’s not silent. It’s not loud either. It has quite funny sound 😉 For sure I wouldn’t shoot an interview with on camera mic with it. With some lav mic at some distance to the gear it shouldn’t be a problem.

We are all waiting for the Genie II which looks awesome for me, but the original kit is still able to help you produce great shots 🙂 Also, we have the information that it’ll be possible to use together the new Genie II slide module with Genie Minis, for the more affordable combo. As soon as I get my hands on the Genie II kit I will make a review here.


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