As some of you may have read in my summary of the year, this year I want to create more of shorter videos, maybe some travel content. That’s why I decided to fly to Athens at the end of the February and to spend there a few days.

We’ve been to Greece with my wife a few times before, but we weren’t lucky with going to Athens – it was always too far or there wasn’t enough people for the travel agency to organise the trip. So, this time we flew on our own.

Athens are a very nice city for a 2-4 days trip and I really recommend it. I think everyone should visit Acropolis at least once 🙂 Very nice place. I’ve got two videos for you:

  1. Short 1 minute summary of the trip
  2. Longer video, something more like a vlog, but I talk there in my native language which is Polish. I’ve added English subtitles and still you can find there some cool hyperlapses and BTS shot of me shooting them 🙂

Why the main vlog video is in Polish? I’m looking for a video form, that will suit me so I’m experimenting with new things. That’s why I’ve created new Youtube channel specifically for Polish content. However I know some of you might be interested in such behind the scenes videos from my hyperlapse shots, that’s why I add subtitles 🙂

It’s something totally different from what I do usually, so please let me know in the comments what do you think 🙂



  1. Nice movie, Beautiful town. Thanks for sharring

  2. Emmanuel Panaretos

    Tomasz I thoroughly enjoyed watching your Athens video – especially the timelapses and hyperlapses. They seemed effortless and I was so captured by their beauty that I forgot how complicated it would have been to achieve these cool moves. You clearly have a good understanding of the correct shutter speeds, exposures and camera settings to make these time lapses look so good. I lived and worked in Athens for several years and appreciate all the locations you went to. I am especially impressed that you droned over Likavitos and I thought the timelapse overlooking the city from Likavitos was stunning. Well done and I will certainly advise anyone interested in visiting Athens to watch this video.