I was exploring the Reddit (I mean, I found a Timelapse subreddit, overall I don’t get this website xD) and I saw a question from Telichen about hyperlapse stabilization. He shot his first ever hyperlapse, but couldn’t stabilize that. And as for the first hyperlapse, he make it really complicated 😉 He attached the source JPGs so I told him, that I would stabilize that if he agree for me to film that and release on my blog. As you see, he agreed and now we have another stabilization tutorial 🙂

I already made one last year, you can find it here:  Hyperlapse Stabilization Tutorial but in this subject the more different footage I will show you the easier will be for you to stabilize your own shots. The basic concept of my work is the same in most cases, but every shot is different and has some different tricks 🙂 So, be sure to check out both tutorials! This shot however was way harder to stabilize than the previous one.

It was quite fun for me to stabilize someones footage. If you have some interesting hyperlapses that you struggle to stabilize you can show me that in the comments. If I found it interesting, I’ll make such video with your footage 🙂

The whole process took about 3h. Of course it could be shorter with faster computer, however mine machine is not that bad 😉 When Warp Stabilizer fails, it’s usually a very time consuming process to stabilize the footage. Also, remember to be as precise as possible when shooting hyperlapse. You’ll save some time in post. Some things are impossible to stabilize, so bear that in mind.


I hope you like this very first tutorial this year. I know it’s quite fast, but it shows overall concept of stabilization such shot.

I’ve got some nice inspiration shots for you for next week 🙂 If you don’t want to miss them, enable notifications or join my Facebook group: http://facebook.com/groups/timelapse.hyperlapse. See you next week!



  1. Elliott Cowand


    This video demonstrates that you really know how to use After Effects well.
    But it goes through so many steps too quickly for someone unfamiliar with the software.

    Do you have another stabilizing tutorial that takes a beginner through the “baby steps”?


    • Tomasz

      I know it may be quite fast. For now I don’t have something more basic, but I’ll do such i the future 😉

  2. I agree with Elliott.

    I’m constantly tripped up only as I have foreground objects that pass through frame.

    I manually add trackers, and when I ‘apply’ it becomes smooth, but moves off the screen. Is it because I say and to ‘X and Y’? How can I go back and use my trackers again without placing them all again?

    After effects is a monster of a program, I just want to be able to stabilise my hypers.



    • Tomasz

      If you’ve got shot with one fixed point and you stabilize that, nothing should leave the screen. For more complex shots usually you’ve got to
      cut the shot into a few sections, change the tracking points etc.