Alexmos SimpleBGC timelapse script calculator

Here’s my script calculator for Alexmos based 3 axis stabilizers. Just put the information to the inputs: how long the gimbal movement should last in seconds and angles in degrees. Additional you can add initial angles and speed ramping – there isn’t much calculation, I added this for you to simple copy and paste each line to get the full script.

If you want to learn more about scripts, check out my article HERE (the article is not yet available).

If you type inputs correctly, the outputs should appear instantly. There are complete script lines. Copy and paste each line to the script section in SimpleBGC in the shown order (also to seperate lines).

It could be less than perfect, but I did my best to make it useful. If you show any bugs or you’ve got in mind any improvements, contact me or just put it into comments 🙂 Maybe you’re a JavaScript developer and you can do that better than me? 🙂

It’s best to use positive numbers in the calc, and add the ‘-‘ in your final script if that’s needed. Remember, that the speed should be a positive number – if the calculator returns you a negative number, just get rid off the minus.

Have fun! 🙂 Definitely show me your timelapse results shot with the scripts.