I’ve reached a milestone for this blog – 1000 likes on Beyond The Time Facebook profile! I’m really happy with this, especially my plan was to reach 1000 likes till the end of this year. Now we have just February 🙂

It’s great this blog is becoming bigger and bigger. I invest lots of time to create new and valuable content regularly and happy readers are the best award for that 🙂 I’m still doing that non-profit, so the appreciation from the readers is the most important thing that motivates me. Check out the Youtube video below, you can find there whole stop-motion shot and a behind the scene timelapse.

This is another simple stop motion shot (the first video you can find in my The Trap – stop motion post). This time I’ve added something new – the floating object. For bouncing ball from the opening I used a gray clay (the color doesn’t matter here). In post production I used Photoshop to remove the gray clay. I placed the clean plate under the frame layer and used Erase tool to remove that. Pretty simple, but tedious task.

I used a GH4 with Speedbooster and vintage  M42 SMC Takumar  50 f1.4 lens for this shot. There is a great advantage of using manual lenses – you don’t get an aperture flicker no matter what your settings are. Of course there could be some other flicker, especially caused by the light, but it’s nice that you have other choices than shoot wide open to get a nice shot. More about flickering and how to avoid that you can read in my Timelapse Tutorial.

As you probably know I’ve started a Timelapse, Hyperlapse and Stop-Motion related group on Facebook to discuss with you stuff, watch your work, share some of my test etc. The group is growing, some time ago, when we hit 100 members I also made a stop-motion shot for that occasion 🙂 Way simplier than the 1000 one, but still you can be interested to see that (it was published only on the group till now). Check out the shot below and join the group here: facebook.com/groups/timelapse.hyperlapse

Once again thanks for beeing with me! I know that probably there are more timelapsers than people who love stop-motion, but still I hope you like this kind of posts once in a while 😉 If you also do some stop motion – share it in the group or put that in the comments, I always love to watch stuff from you guys 🙂 See you next time!



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